What Our Employees Say

Product Manager

I joined Pinpoint just under 2 years ago due to the passion and drive I saw in the founding team. Since joining I’ve found Pinpoint to be one of the most transparent organisations that trust you to do your job but a very smart network to learn from and seek advice from where things get challenging. This is the place for people that want to drive their careers and learn quickly.

Dave Edwards,

Sales Account Executive

I enjoy working at Pinpoint because each day I feel like I'm being pushed outside my comfort zone to improve my skills and learn new things. The growth I've experienced since starting here is tremendous. I also feel like Pinpoint gives me the autonomy needed to try new things and test ideas.

Madison Batts

Chief Operating Officer

When we hire, we look for all new recruits to embody our values: Fast, Flexible, Human and Ownership. Of those what gives me the most pride about working at Pinpoint is that we're human. We care about people. We care about progression. We care about rewarding our team for the fantastic work they do and looking after them during their time with us. We couple this with radical transparency and communication to create a culture where everyone feels valued.

Ellis Turmell

Sales Account Executive

The first thing that impressed me when I joined Pinpoint was the unwavering support from every member of the team to empower you to do your job to the best of your ability. This has helped me develop in my career and allowed me to truly buy into Pinpoint's goals and missions. It has been great to be a small part of Pinpoint's growth and to see each team develop and bring on new faces who add a tonne more value. With a lot of room to grow, I am excited about the future with Pinpoint and where we can go.

Hugo O'Neill

Head Of Talent

I've experienced a remarkable journey of growth and opportunity. From day one, my manager tailored my career path to align with my aspirations, fostering a culture where my opinions are valued and acted upon promptly. The company's transparency and openness to new ideas, coupled with a supportive international team, make Pinpoint an exciting place to work. With a clear career progression framework, autonomy over my work, and cutting-edge tech tools, I'm confident in a bright future here at Pinpoint.

Mike Bradshaw

Senior Software Developer

I really enjoy being part of Pinpoint. The team here is incredibly high-level, and I'm constantly learning from both my awesome teammates and the exciting day-to-day work we tackle. Everyone is super respectful of each other's time, making our communication efficient and productive. The flexibility they offer in how we get the job done and their willingness to accommodate my needs is a huge bonus. As a fast-growing business, I'm always facing new challenges that help me expand my horizons. Most importantly, my voice is valued here, and I feel safe expressing myself in any discussion, whether it's about the business or just sharing my thoughts. 

Leo Melo